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A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through This Difficult Time


tool box image for divorce tool boxFinally, a step-by-step tool to help to support and guide you through one of the most difficult times of your life.

Divorce Tool Boxis one of the most  comprehensive divorce support programs available. The online sessions were created by a DIVORCE PROFESSIONAL to help you prepare for divorce by exploring your options so you can make better decisions during this stressful time. It offers a detailed step-by-step divorce action plan which will allow you to be better in control and ready to work with your divorce professional with more answers than questions.  Divorce Tool Box, helps you to deal with the emotions, finances, parenting and co-parenting issues so that you and your children can move forward with your lives.

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A little preparation now can lessen the likelihood that you will need to return to court in the future. Investing your time and resources into Divorce Tool Box now can reduce stress, extra expenses, save time and heartache for you and your children.

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Divorce Tool Box will help you to look at the long-term in a time where just getting through the day is a goal to be achieved. It will help you to design custody and visitation plans, walk you through asset and liabilities division and other financial decisions. It will guide you through future financial expenses and children and family events that you are likely to deal with when co-parenting after divorce. By the end of the sessions, you will have created a detailed action plan which best suits your family before you even meet with an attorney.

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Dealing With the Emotions - Financial Tools - Helping Children Cope



coupleDivorce is typically the most devastating experience a person will go through. The decision to divorce may be your decision or that of your spouse. Therefore, emotions can vary greatly between both of you.  Whether the divorce is welcomed or not, emotions are generally at an all time high when separation, divorce or reconciliation are being considered.  Foresight and concentration become difficult and the wherewithal to anticipate the future is diminished by emotions and uncertainty. 

Decisions made today can affect a lifetime of tomorrows for all. 

Divorce Tool Box Online Sessions will assist you in learning to recognize and taking control of the emotional rollercoaster you are experiencing with the loss of your marriage. When you understand this process, you are better able to control your emotions more effectively and thus in a position to better make informed decisions. 

Divorce Tool Box Online Sessions provide much needed insight into areas that can be easily overlooked during stressful times.

Before you can even begin contemplating life changing decisions that must be made with divorce, it is crucial that you understand how you are relating to your divorce and how you can effectively juggle the responsibilities of life physically and emotionally.

The importance of having a step-by-step guide to help you through this difficult time cannot be overstated.


financialFor most people, life will change in regards to finances following divorce. Therefore, you need to create a new budget that will work for you now, and in the future.  The problem for most is that they do not know where to begin gathering the financial information which will be needed for division of marital assets and liabilities.  Many people who have been through a divorce regret that they didn't understand, or take the proper time to properly divide assets. Many divorced couples with children end up back in the attorney's office and courtroom even years later to work out issues that could have been resolved during the divorce process.

Who will become financially responsible for which credit card? What happens to the health insurance? Who will maintain the marital home or will it be sold? What should be considered when making these decisions in addition to many other financial decisions which will need to be made.  Have you considered how life will change financially if you divorce?  What new expenses should be included in your post divorce budget? Have you considered expenses that children may require in the future, that may not be an issue now: team sports, ballet, karate, prom, car and car insurance and more?

Divorce Tool Box Online Sessions guide you step by step to gather important financial information; provides examples of practical considerations when making decisions and how to not only consider the present but also how to plan for post divorce budgets.  If you have children, their maturational needs create additional expenses that child support may not cover.  Anticipating these needs when creating the post divorce budget is crucial as children should not do without just because parents did not plan in advance. 

The financial decisions that you make during your divorce may impact you and your family’s quality of life for the future. It is important to have a plan that takes into consideration current needs as well as future ones.



children with suitcase dealing with divorced parentsWhen you and your spouse began your family, you likely had many plans for your children, you possibly anticipated preferred occupations for your children and which school or college you would like to see each child attend and how successful each would become during their lives, as well as thoughts about who they might marry and your grandchildren. 
But now that your family is facing divorce, what becomes of all these dreams?
It’s hard enough dividing marital assets and liabilities but when it comes to dividing time with your children this can be the most difficult and emotionally stressful of all your divorce decisions. 
When using Divorce Tool Box Online Sessions, you will learn that negotiating with your spouse in the decisions that affect each of you and your children for years to come is so important.
Because after all, your dreams for your children don’t go away, just because your marriage does.
Divorce Tool Box Online Sessions provide a step by step guide into many areas where decisions must be made concerning children such as parenting plans, co-parenting, custody and visitation options with examples provided.  Anticipating present and future needs when creating the post divorce budget is crucial as children should not do without just because parents did not plan in advance.

Keep the dreams you had for your children alive, even if divorce affects their lives.

Are you ready to learn how to take charge of your divorce??


It is important to understand that once you sign the divorce decree decisions are final. Do you feel that you are adequately prepared to handle such important life-altering decisions which will affect yours and your children's lives?

Divorce Tool Box has been called "the most important tool for anyone contemplating or currently going through a divorce!"

Click to review our products and choose from our learning sessions; either those with children or those without children. You will learn, in the privacy of your own home, how to get through this overwhelming time of your life.

Once you have completed the sessions and action plan, you will have a detailed plan in place to help protect yourself and those important to you.

You may also choose individual videos for specific needs.


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What Other Professionals Are Saying:

Mary Earnest, Licensed Professional Counselor:

"What Audrey Silcox has developed is unique to me as a counselor and I see it as an exceptional tool.  She has seen what happens to families and couples without these tools to be able to make educated decisions for their lives. "


Lawrence Katz, Ph.D. Psychologist:

"I have been associated with Audrey Silcox as a counselor, mediator and a divorced mom herself. She brings a tremendous wealth of experience and you can really tell when you look at Divorce Tool Box this is someone who knew what they were really talking about, this is someone who has looked at divorce from many different angles"

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When someone is going through a divorce their basically on an emotional rollercoaster, there’s lots of anger, depression, there can be shame and guilt, it is often the most stressful time in their life and it is really hard to think rationally, clearly and make good sound decisions when your overwhelmed with all of these emotions.  The solution is the Divorce Tool Box which helps clients to set aside these emotions for some period of time while their exploring what their options are. 

The Divorce Tool Box walks you through the process of thinking about the future of your children so hopefully you can prevent some of the problems many children experience when their coming from a divorced home."

Leo Breckenridge, CEO/LGB Consulting Group & Retired CPA:

"Your life is going to materially change following divorce.  Divorce Tool Box makes you ask yourself questions before sitting down and negotiating your divorce.  After completing the online sessions, you will have created an action plan unique to you that you can then use and go to your divorce professional and say exactly what you want."

Our Products

The Divorce Tool Box webinar and planning guide series can first, help you to take charge of the overwhelming emotions that are a part of most divorces. It can assist you in making a financial plan for the present, to protect your future. You can be prepared as the children grow and their needs change. It helps to understand who you need to have on your professional team, and also assists you in creating visitation guidelines, plan for the unexpected and more; reducing the likelihood that you will have to return to court.

  • Divorce Tool Box can be viewed on any device at any time. This gives you the privacy you need to begin working through the difficult decisions divorce presents you.

  • Divorce Tool Box can be viewed at any time of the day or night. You don't have to miss work or other important events.

  • You can view Divorce Tool Box at your own pace. You have the peace of mind that you've had an appropriate amount of time to make very important lifelong decisions.

  • Divorce Tool Box covers your divorce from the viewpoint of a divorce and family mediator, a CPA, a mental health counselor and a parent. You have assurance that you haven't overlooked an important decision.

  • Divorce Tool Box prepares you so you'll be organized and prepared when you meet with your professional divorce team. This will save you time and money.

  • For less than 40 dollars per session which is less than 1/3 the cost of a professional in-office service, you're gaining control of your future!

COMPLETE Divorce tool box Webinar Sessions

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Or you can choose from one of our individual topics. You will feel confident knowing that you are prepared to meet the demands that are necessary in dealing with divorce.


Video #1

Focuses on you, because before you can begin working toward divorce, you must become psychologically fit to balance your life overall.  Understanding what’s occurring, learning to juggle everyday responsibilities of life while learning to get your emotions under control. Take charge of your divorce by learning to take care of YOU!


Video #2

Learn your options concerning your finances, know how to plan in advance because the quality of your future depends on it!


Video #3

Choosing the right professional team for your particular needs during divorce can make all the difference in the world.  What professionals make up a divorce team and how can each assist you or your family members?


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Assist those with children to handle the many issues that arise with coping strategies, custody and visitation issues, creating a parenting plan, children’s financial considerations beyond child support, co-parenting between two homes and more.   



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