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Audrey Silcox, Founder of Divorce Tool BoxDivorce Tool Box founder, Audrey Silcox, an expert divorce coach who is also certified as a mediator in two state Supreme Courts, will be an interactive exhibitor and speaker at this weekend’s Divorce Expo in Detroit, Michigan. More than fifty top industry experts, along with more than 100 vendors and exhibitors, will gather at the Suburban Collection Showplace, on March 24-25, 2012, and both the booth and speech presented by Ms. Silcox are “must-sees.” In her speech, Ms. Silcox will present“Five Steps of Organization to Maintain Control throughout the Divorce Process.”

Says Silcox, “Because emotions are generally at an all-time high during divorce, and concentration while thinking through a decision becomes difficult at best, it is so important to be organized and thoroughly preparedbeforeentering the legal arena. This is how—while juggling many divorce challenges--you can maintain control throughout the divorce process—which is essential to building a future with no regrets.” In her speech, Silcox will cite examples from her 16 years of experience about the enormous differences advance preparation would have made in her clients’ emotional and financial outcomes.

The Divorce Expo is being touted as the world’s largest lifestyle event and the first industry-wide event for all professional services concerning separation and divorce for both women and men. Divorce experts will inform and educate attendees who are contemplating divorce as well as those who are already divorced and dealing with post-divorce issues such as co-parenting. Sessions will include topics related to legal, financial, career, health, relationship, and personal wellbeing.

Ms. Silcox will be taking part in the personal well-being sessions on Saturday, March 24, 2012. She will share her expertise including interactive activities during her presentation and also at her exhibit booth, where she is eager to meet attendees personally and invite them to register for door prizes to be awarded at the end of each day while sharing with visitors the “tools to build your future with no regrets.”

Ms. Silcox brings her expertise as a divorce expert from working with the judicial system and in private practice. Silcox, herself a divorced mother of two teenagers, has worked with divorcing couples as a counselor, coach, divorce educator, and mediator. A graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and a M.Ed. degree in counseling, she is a Certified Divorce and Family mediator with credentials from two state Supreme Courts.

Ms. Silcox is the founder of Divorce Tool Box which helps guide individuals and couples through the emotional and practical considerations of divorce before they incur many hours of legal fees. Silcox acknowledges, “Now as a mother of two teenage daughters, I wish I’d had professional coaching before I went through my own divorce and custody issues. There are certainly some arrangements I would have done differently, and in my work, I’ve certainly seen many examples of the benefits derived from pre-divorce decision-making.” To provide those benefits, Ms. Silcox founded Divorce Tool Box which offers online sessions available 24/7.

The Divorce Expo is produced by Christine McQueen and Joost Allard. This first-annual event is projected to attract more than 8,000 consumers who will learn from top industry experts from across the U.S. in fields such as legal, financial, career, health, relationships, co-parenting, dating, and personal care. The $35 cost of admission for both days includes all seminars, complimentary spa treatments, and over 100 exhibits. Tickets can be purchased at The Divorce Expo website or at the door.

Audrey Silcox offers her 16-year expertise through her company, Divorce Tool Box, which provides online divorce sessions for individuals or couples contemplating or currently undergoing divorce. Custody parenting plans, assets and liabilities, division of property, money matters, along with emotional support are some of the issues she addresses in customized, confidential, and convenient online sessions to help people make wise decisions before they enter the legal arena. This guidance can help ease a difficult process as well as save countless hours and costs in legal fees, not to mention major regrets down the road. Access our website today at www.DivorceToolBox.com.

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