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Divorce tips hire a divorce coachA divorce coach is an important component to navigate individuals through the perils of divorce by assisting to create customized proposals and assist with making informed decisions in a timely and cost effective manner. A divorce coach is trained to help one soar through the hurdles accompanied by divorce, guide one into personal self-growth to gain self-confidence to establish a new life after divorce.

Divorce can be very stressful and many individuals are not emotionally prepared to make informed decisions alone. By utilizing a divorce coach, individuals have someone who understands the journey of divorce, thus understanding the emotions of frustrations and fear. Family and friends often try to lend a listening ear to one’s emotions but because of the emotional ties, they may not be impartial. Having a non-judgmental listener, such as a coach will allow the freedom of having a neutral party with whom they may discuss divorce questions and thoughts. A divorce coach assists with each step of the divorce process such as custody parenting plans, division of assets and liabilities, co-parenting decisions, money matters, and post-divorce issues. Divorce coaches can also assist in coping through topics such as common reactions to divorce, learning to set emotional boundaries when interacting with the other parent, creating a balance between the divorce process and beginning a new life through self-growth by staying focused and in control of each step of the divorce process. As an individual or couple uses a divorce coach, he or she quickly learns that not only is the coach a professional but also becomes a trusted “friend” with whom they can confide.

Many divorce coaches have personal experience as they too have been divorced. This will allow the coach to have the understanding by firsthand experience. As an individual is seeking professional assistance through his divorce, it may be helpful to utilize professionals who have been divorced or has been thoroughly trained in the area of divorce so that he or she understands not only the concept but a personalization of the process. This personal experience often helps professionals to be well-rounded in many concepts of divorce and reduces areas that may be “overlooked” if that professional has not had firsthand knowledge.

Divorce Tool Box founder, Audrey Silcox, is a professional coach and also uses her experience as a mediator and counselor in the online sessions of Divorce Tool Box. She has personally walked the divorce path and has been where you are today. The mission of Divorce Tool Box is to help you prepare before entering the legal arena. Visit us online @ www.divorcetoolbox.com to get started today.

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