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Life after divorce whats nextIt’s now the first day after the divorce agreement has been signed, parenting plan decisions completed and incorporated, assets and liabilities distributed, the tension of the sight of courtrooms and judges diminished and a sigh of relief that the divorce legalities have come to an end.

Now, that the divorce process has been completed now what? This is the time that you can at least to some degree make decisions for your future. What decisions must you make to create a new life for yourself? How will you create happiness, fulfillment and gain a new sense of self-worth? Many find themselves reflecting that they have just finished closing the chapter of their marriage and now opening a new chapter of life after divorce – what a frightening concept. To begin this new journey, many decisions must be made for yourself, and moving forward with many changes in which you will face alone. Facing these changes one day at a time will help not to become overwhelmed with life’s obstacles and allow time to adjust to your new life.

Divorce creates havoc on the planned pattern of daily life and its accompanying security that is now filled with intense feelings and emotions. The way to fight the fears that holds us back from healing and learning to let go of the divorce pain is to identify the fear sources and seek methods to overcome as each begin to surface.

Fear can paralyze any effort toward moving ahead, it’s as though fear enables the ability of anyone not being able to see any good in themselves presently or any future possibilities. It steals our confidence and self-esteem and is always telling us we cannot have or accomplish anything, attain what we desire in life, thus it holds us back. Fear is usually present whether consciously or unconsciously and will remain until it is identified and dealt with effectively.

Most people have deep seeded fears which they have maintained for a long time and never anticipated them re-surfacing. Divorce can reactivate and multiply these fears which causes an uncertain future and fear of doing anything differently.

After the divorce agreement is signed, a new life does begin, and fear needs to be conquered. Divorce was a process and regaining life after divorce will also be a process. Learning to identify the fear, addressing the concerns and learning to effectively manage it is necessary for it not to continue to invade your life. One day and fear at a time, as everything doesn’t need to be conquered at once.

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