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Process of divorce around holidaysGoblins, candy, costumes, scary noises and laughter are all descriptions of Halloween night.  Many children love when the fall crisp air arrives and signs of pumpkins begin to appear neatly carved and arranged in front of homes to welcome fall and Halloween/Harvest Festivals.   Although the change of season is welcomed by many adults, problems may arise when divorced parents have difficulty sharing the children with the other parent during this holiday.

Custodial parenting plans will dictate holidays and how visitation time will be shared.  When creating the parenting plan to be incorporated into your final divorce decree, parents make decisions as to how the child’s time with both parents will be spent.  Holiday time may be divided equally, alternated yearly or whatever both parents can agree upon.  When parents fail to plan in advance or do not abide by the custodial arrangement, this can create instability for the children and problems for co-parenting.  This is the time to review your custody plan and make documented agreements as to how the children will spend their holiday having fun with their parents instead of listening to parents argue.

Creating positive memories during the Halloween/Fall Festival Holiday is easy and can be memories that children will cherish.  Memories can be made through simple activities such as bobbing for apples, making caramel apples, decorating your home with a festive fall and Halloween theme, roasting marshmallows and having hot chocolate after trick or treating/spending time at the Harvest Festival. 

Holiday memories for children whether positive or negative is usually dictated by the parents’ ability to make positive contributions.  As your children mature, this holiday will require less concentration.  If your custody plan does not allow for your visitation time to be this Halloween, be excited with your children about the time that they will be spending with the other parent and not be resentful. Take this opportunity when the children are away to treat yourself to a nice dinner or special time at the local book store.  This will allow time for yourself and the ability not to dwell on the holiday without the children.

Memories are made every day by parents that will forever be etched in your child’s memory.  Make this Halloween/Harvest Festivals eventful with planned events and remember to not allow animosity to get in the way of enjoyment with your children.

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