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Tips after divorce meeting new peopleReconstruction zones are everywhere it seems, after wars, tornadoes and even the aftermath of divorce. Divorce and tornadoes are similar in nature with black clouds looming in both. These clouds of divorce usually represent unhappiness and show signs that the marriage is in trouble. Winds howl fiercely in divorce when a spouse begins the process of divorce as he feels tossed about due to the many decisions that he must face and having inadequate decision making skills.After the destruction of a tornado or divorce is over, there is much reconstruction to rebuild and restore the damage. Victims of destruction face rebuilding their lives after the storm has passed.

Just as reconstruction is essential for a community which experienced the devastation of a tornado, it is imperative that individuals of divorce also reconstruct their lives. When the storm of divorce has past leaving bits and pieces of your life scattered, you must find tools to rebuild a life for the future. Every storm is devastating but entering the reconstruction zone of divorce must occur in order for life to move forward.

Listed below are four tips from the reconstruction zone of divorce:

  1. Do not dwell on past memories and negative thoughts which do not allow for rebuilding your life. You must make a conscious decision to reconstruct your life by developinga positive attitude and taking advantage of every opportunity to create a new happy and satisfying life. Therefore, focusing on the positive and future rather than the past negative memories will help in the reconstruction zone of divorce.
  2. Avoid individuals, places or instances which bring unpleasant memories of your marriage and devastation caused by the divorce tornado. There are situations and places that you may encounter which cannot be changed and memories that will always be present but you begin reconstructing by creating new memories, making new friends, creating new holiday traditions, visiting new places with friends, redecorate your room or house or change your furniture. Reconstruction occurs in many areas of your life as you move from unpleasant memories to create a replacement for the devastation which resulted from divorce.
  3. Reconstruct your interests and try new things. Find time to travel to places you have never visited and even make new friendships. The more events that you participate in, the more your new identity will form, thus reconstruction is in progress. Moving forward and becoming creative in new interest will help in your reconstruction.
  4. Move outside of your own problems and find potential for improvement in your personal growth. There will be opportunities to share what you have learned through your reconstruction process which will be of great value to those just beginning the journey of divorce. Actually, you will find that you are further along in your recovery than you realized. Sharing usually brings out your best as this opens doors to relate your experiences to others and brings healing to your divorce wounds.

Reconstruction needed from many storms will allow individuals to begin to rebuild toward a more positive life.

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