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Tips for divorce and reasons behind themCouples plan their wedding spending time on every detail in order to have the perfect day which will be remembered for a lifetime. As the marital relationship progresses by having children and securing fulfilling careers many times one if not both spouses become unhappy within the marriage and decide to seek divorce. Currently there are 1.4 million divorces in the United States, thus affecting many individuals and families. The fairytale that was supposed to occur after the blissful marriage has become anything but happy for many as they search for reasons to seek divorce.

Below are five common reasons for divorce:

  1. One or both spouses have made the choice not to remain committed to the marriage. Adultery is often cited as a major reason for failing marriages. When choosing adultery, one spouse is often making the choice to take that risk of losing their family. Becoming emotionally involved with another person outside of marriage will often lead to adultery, but also adds to the lack of marital commitment.
  2. Lack of communication is also a leading cause for divorce. As a spouse becomes unhappy, communication by continuing to maintain the marital relationship often decreases. Communication through sharing about daily events for family members is important but also sharing of personal issues, emotions and feelings that must be shared rather than masked often increase the lack of communication, thus the relationship happiness is lessened and a couple grows apart.
  3. Financial difficulty may also lead toward marital discord. During marriages, one spouse may have a tendency to spend more than he should which causes a couple to live above their financial means. When this occurs, strains are created within the relationship as arguments erupt and the stress of how to pay the monthly bills increase.
  4. Many couples will state that they have irreconcilable differences which could include many factors. This may include that the couple has grown apart, one or both of the spouses have become indifferent to the marriage as their interests and goals in life together have changed.
  5. Vast differences in expectations during marriage often create disillusionment for spouses. Expectations may be acquired from gaining knowledge of what one believes marriage should be by observing their parents and modeling what they have observed. The problem that may arise from modeling parents behavior is that there are two individuals from two different homes that bring forth ideals to be modeled that may be on opposite ends of the spectrum when trying to achieve harmony in the marriage. Expectations are usually not verbalized and one spouse assumes that the other spouse knows what is needed in order to create a satisfying marriage.

The reasons for divorce are many as the divorce rate in our society exemplifies this by the number of divorces. When divorce is contemplated, it is reasonable to explore options for salvaging the marriage and if not, enter into the divorce path by learning to make informed decisions without the financial devastation that often accompanies divorce.

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