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Divorce process take mental vacationIndividuals often experience a rollercoaster of emotions during the divorce process. These emotions must be effectively managed in addition to juggling the challenges and new responsibilities of divorce. Due to increasing divorce demands both emotionally and physically that creates the daily emotional rollercoaster, the need to take a “mental vacation” may be necessary in order to maintain both physical and mental health.

Taking a mental vacation from all of the issues surrounding divorce may help to reduce stress; help to make better decisions and overall help with coping skills.

Below are six mental vacation tips that may be helpful to you:

1.  Block off one day in your calendar that you will not spend any mental activity toward divorce. Thinking about all of the issues of divorce can take a lot of mental energy. Be proactive now and mark the day that you will not think about divorce. When anxiety or thoughts of divorce begin to arise during that day, make a conscious decision to redirect your thoughts.

2.  Spend at least 10 minutes a day outside if weather permits. Enjoy the sunshine, take time to enjoy the scenery and allow your troubles to vanish. Sunshine and fresh air may help ease your stress level. Take a mental and physical break to enjoy God’s scenery.

3.  Plan a night out by yourself or with a friend. An evening away does not need to be anything elaborate, rather a nice dinner, a cup of coffee and nice conversation. Anything that will allow a mental break from divorce and aid in relaxation will work wonders mentally.

4.  Focus on yourself rather that everyone else which is often difficult if you are a parent. Determine what your needs are and focus on meeting them. If there is extra money enjoy a massage, an extra round of golf or even a week-end get- away in order to take a mental vacation. Focusing on your needs will allow you to have the needed energy when divorce decisions must be made.

5.  Nourish your body as well as your mind. Divorce is stressful; therefore take time to make sure that you eat well. Fast food is acceptable occasionally, but in order for your body to perform at optimal level, you must make healthy choices in caring for your body. Research foods which give you energy, help with anxiety and depression and most of all learn that without good physical health, you will not be able to perform at optimal level through your divorce.

6.  Make a point to have fun. Yes, PLAN several activities that allow for fun. If you have children, having fun with them is vitally important. Children often observe parents as they are stressed during the divorce process. By becoming proactive toward planning fun activities for all family members, will allow a much needed break for everyone. Fun activities may include going to the park, dusting off the bikes to enjoy an afternoon ride, planning a picnic, making an ice cream sundae with all the toppings, etc. Fun can be just about anything and does not need to be expensive. Spending time together and taking a mental vacation is what you are aiming to accomplish.

Divorce may overwhelm you and consume each moment of every day. Being able to take control over how much that you allow divorce to control your life is up to you. Taking a “mental vacation” is also up to you, no one else can do this for you. This does require planning, just as any vacation does. Take time this very moment to take action and being planning your mental vacation for you and your family.

Divorce Tool Box understands how important that divorce decisions are and how divorce can overwhelm life. Taking a “mental vacation” may be just the ticket to begin controlling your divorce and life. Visit our website to see how we may assist you through your divorce journey @www.divorcetoolbox.com.

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