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Starting the divorce process marital contractThe Marital Contract:

“Marriage is not to be entered into lightly” is often a part of marriage vows that each make to one another during their wedding ceremony. It should not be “entered into” or “exited out” of lightly. The contract is a commitment to each other as well as to the children that has been born of the marriage. Contracts, even marital can be broken but before this occurs, there should be attempts to salvage this sacred contract and commitment.

When a spouse begins to contemplate that the marriage should end, there is so much to consider. Often times, one considers the positive aspects of being single again without truly weighing out the outcome of this decision. When contemplating divorce, there should be much soul searching and utilizing every available resource to attempt to mend the broken pieces. After many efforts of restoration and realistically reviewing what a divorce would personally entail not only to you but your family is very important.

When an individual beings to consider divorce often times there has been a time of unhappiness with many problems along the way. When divorce is contemplated, one question that should be entertained is that of self -responsibility. Often times, both spouses have done everything within their personal power to keep the marriage from failure and in other relationships, only one spouse is willing to work toward keeping the marriage from divorce. This is the time to analyze your marital relationship and ask yourself what you have done personally toward salvaging the marriage contract rather than “jumping ship” without effort.

Working on the marital relationship requires both spouses to accept their failure and responsibility toward the marital problems. Utilizing a professional rather than personal friends and family may be beneficial in helping both spouses accept personal responsibility, navigate options for salvaging the marriage and helping spouses to grow as a person and back together as a marital team. This will only occur if both spouses are willing to participate and give the professional an opportunity to assist. Commitment toward salvaging the marriage before divorce occurs must be a 50/50 decision between spouses, as it takes two to have a healthy marriage. Yes, one partner may have made a mistake, been absent from the marriage or be more to blame for the failure of the marriage but if the marriage is going to be salvageable, then obtaining commitment from both spouses to work toward the marriage contract succeeding is a must.

The last thought about contemplating leaving the marriage and marital contract is have you considered the pros and cons of the marriage. We have all heard that “grass is not always greener on the other side” therefore, it is imperative to realistically decide what the pros of your marriage are as well as the cons. Nobody can accomplish this task for you, but make sure that you take off the “rose colored glasses” as you are not only reflecting over the positives and negatives but what the end result will mean for all family members.

Contemplating the end of marriage is a huge responsibility. Make sure to take the needed time to make decisions that you will be satisfied with ten years into the future. The marital contract should be considered sacred but if divorce is contemplated, taking time to self - reflect, using available means to restore and making realistic plans for the immediate future is a must.

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