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September 11th rings a bell of memories for individuals across America. Almost anyone can tell you where they were when the tragedy occurred. America will forever hold dear the memories of the families that lost loved ones that day, the vivid scenes that unfolded across the world of news and the discussions that people across the world held.

September 11th began as any other day for many Americans. Families were busy with their rituals, routines, and sending family members off to conduct their every day events. The American lifestyle has become a state of being in a hurry and many family members may not have taken the time to express their loved for each other, not knowing what would occur within hours. The result would mean that many families would lose members never to say good-bye or kind lasting words.

Just as September 11th was a day of tragedy for the victims and their families, there is another tragedy that occurs every day for families in the world, which is divorce. Divorce is a tragedy as families are torn apart and the effects are felt throughout one’s lifetime. Divorce finances, custody of the children and the death of the family are created with the words DIVORCE. As the news of divorce is announced to the children that divorce is imminent; their lives often begin to change. Custody begins to become apparent and children are often faced with the repercussions of family member’s decisions.

Tragedy in every sense of the word is experienced in divorce. The acronym below for tragedy displays a common example of divorce.

T – Transformation of the family unit

R - Reorganization into a life during and after divorce

A - Agony through loss

G - Grief

E - Enduring daily challenges

D - Death of the family

Y - Yield to the tragedy of the divorce

September 11th is a day that many Americans will never forget just as families that are affected by divorce will never forget the divorce process, the changes that are brought about by the divorce, the upheaval felt by the divorce and life events shaped by the decision of divorce. Tragedy for families and children occur every day as families are torn apart through divorce. As we stand in respect for victims and the families, represented in 9/11, we also need to stand in awe for every family that is affected daily by divorce that will live forever changed.

Today, let’s remember all families that have endured tragedy in every sense of the word.

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