DivorceToolbox Professionals
DivorceToolbox Professionals

We want to assist your practice.

Divorce Tool Box is a resource not only for your client but also for your practice.

Our Counselor Resources are specifically designed to help clinicians.

  •  Grow your practice by reaching new clients thus increasing your income
  •  Use our guided curriculum for your appointment sessions
  •  Become an expert with more accessible resources


The material in this curriculum guidebook helps you, the clinician, after the client has had an opportunity to view the current session and has begun completing the associated tasks. This resource also includes a 60-day subscription to the Online Sessions. Having a subscription to view the session’s content will allow you to have a better understanding of how the online program works, education concerning the divorce process with its myriad of decisions and have an opportunity to reflect upon the psychological and emotional perceptions clients may have as they complete the online sessions.

This guidebook is designed to provide the tools you need to offer necessary support to assist your clients as they work through each Divorce Tool Box Online Session. It provides two additional sessions allowing up to ten sessions for those divorcing with children and six for those divorcing without children. The additional sessions allow for a Pre-Divorce Tool Box session to assist where your client is currently (Intake) and Post-Divorce Tool Box session to allow for final closure.

The curriculum defines how to begin the session, concept and overview of the current session, what participants will learn, what to expect, discussion and conclusion. There is sufficient material to support a sixty minute session. The material enables you to provide emotional and psychological support as well as accountability for completion of the tasks associated with each session.