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Process of divorce and grandparents rightsWhen divorce occurs, it affects not only the nuclear family but often affects the extended family. When couples fall in love and marry, often the couple’s parents are a large factor in the marriage. The parents may assist in decision making, offering money for the wedding and making sure that every item is attended to for the “big day”.

As the marriage unfolds, couples often have multiple children that are born of the marriage and are welcomed into the world not only by the married couple who is now mom and dad, but also the couple’s parents that are now given the name and title of GRANDPARENTS. This title is often spoken by many as being not only proud of “their children” but also having GRAND children. Grandparents in today’s world often play a part in children’s everyday life. Many grandparents help with daily activities such as assisting with homework, preparing meals, baby-sitting, etc. As soon as children are born of the marriage, the couple often includes the grandparents to be a large part of their everyday life.  Children may view grandparents as the stability in their life because they play such a big role.

When marriages begin to have trouble and divorce occurs, grandparents are often placed in the middle of many of the family’s problems. Grandparents know one fact; they love the grandchildren and desire that they remain of their loved one's lives. Angry mates may not allow the children to participate in activities that were once a common theme in the child’s life during marriage, if it involves the “other family” which involves the grandparents.

On the other hand, grandparents may play more of a role of the divorce than they desire. The U.S. Census Bureau states that 6.7 million grandparents had grandchildren younger than 18 years old living with them. The Bureau also states that 2.7 million grandparents were responsible for the children’s basic needs. Grandparents play such a large role that Jimmy Carter in 1978 declared a National Holiday for grandparents. This holiday was to observe the importance that grandparents play in our nation.

Divorce brings about many changes in the nuclear and extended family. Divorcing couples need not only to make wise decisions concerning the visitation of grandparents, but also how not to infringe on their lives.

Grandparents need to be remembered when completing the divorce proposal as many are often not allowed to see their grandchildren once the divorce is final. Facts to consider when writing a divorce proposal to foresee possible future problems can be assisted by using Divorce Tool Box online sessions to assist in making informed decisions.  Visit our website today at www.divorcetoolbox.com . Grandparents often play a large role during pre-marriage, marriage and now that divorce may be imminent, consider how grandparent are not neglected or taken advantage of.

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